World Hepatitis Day: Raising Awareness

A fearful instance...400 million people are affected by viral hepatitis each year, with approximately 1.45 million deaths. Unlike the relative success of HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis, the number of deaths related to this disease is actually growing.

Death count caused by Hepatitis vs other disease is World Hepatitis Day, an annual event started by the World Hepatitis in 2008 to raise awareness about hepatitis in order to better prevent its spread and improve treatment and access to treatment.

Moments from World Hepatitis Day 2016

A quick definition… The simplest definition is that hepatitis is a liver disease that causes the organ to become inflamed. There are many kinds and causes, but the primary focus for World Hepatitis Day is viral hepatitis, especially types B and C (HBV and HCV). Both viruses are often transmitted through infected blood via unsafe injections and medical procedures or from mother-to-child at birth, and to a lesser extent, through sexual contact.

Hand in Hand.....There are a variety of reasons that make hepatitis a challenging and neglected health crisis. In some countries, social stigma and even criminalization of at-risk populations make it hard to track impact and provide appropriate responses.  Barriers to treatment and vaccination are another serious issue, as the most promising and effective resources are rendered financially out of reach for many, largely due to patents/intellectual property issues and resulting high prices.